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Your order and support will always be handled as promptly as possible. Magyk Moon is a very small operation (Me - Mags - with occasional per diem help), so please be patient and don’t hesitate to communicate anywhere along the way if there are any questions, delays, or issues. Your experience and feedback is very important to me.

I am available through DM on the Magyk Moon social platforms located on the main menu as well as by email ( When you are contacting me about a specific order please include your name, order number, and any other relevant information in your initial message to help me help you as efficiently as possible.

If you want to request types of items you’d like to see in the shop I’d love to hear your ideas. You can submit those suggestions  to

The products in my store are a combination of my original designs, handmade items, one of a kind or limited run items, and upcycled or resale items (in the condition indicated in the product listing) as well as wholesale merchandise. 


I put a lot of heart and thought into the items curated for my shop. In the event that I have accidentally selected merchandise from third party suppliers that are a result of stolen or misappropriated artwork and designs, please Please let me know so that I can remove the merchandise, alert the artist, and direct any customer attention to the rightful place.

It is never my intention to sell inventory that undermines the consent of the original creators. I want to do my due diligence to function in support with my fellow creatives. I am only one human, however, and I admit that it is possible for some things to get past my attempts to screen. If it is brought to my attention I can make it right ASAP. I do my best and can only hope that others would do the same if it happens to me.